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Posted by Robert Thomas on February 16th, 2010

Flags are used for eighth or shorter note values that are not grouped with beams. Each flag added to the stem decreases the value by one-half.

15th Post Flags Table

Each flag is made as a thin curved line which flares from slightly below the top of the stem to just opposite the top of the note head on an up-stemmed note; on a downward stem, the flag moves from slightly above the bottom of the stem to almost touch the bottom of the note head. For each flag beyond two, the stem is extended one staff space. The space between flags must be even (about one staff space) and the shape of the flags should be uniform.

When flagged notes are on ledger lines, two rules apply: (1) a flag should never touch a ledger line, and (2) the stem must be extended to the middle line for an eighth note, and further for the other flagged notes.

Flags are always on the right of the stem, regardless of whether the stem points up or down.

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