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What’s in a Name

Micrologus is the title of Guido of Arezzo’s treatise (c. 1025-1028), which included the earliest guide for staff notation. Guido was the first to propose placing neumes on the lines and spaces of a ruled staff to define their precise pitch content. He is also credited with inventing solf├Ęge, using the hymn “Ut queant laxis,” and the Guidonian hand, a mnemonic teaching system. Click here for more information about Guido of Arezzo.

What it’s About

Micrologus is dedicated to the discussion of Music Theory and Music Notation. A secondary area of interest is Music Technology, and there may be occasional excursions into other areas.

Who’s in Charge

Robert E. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Music Theory and Composition from Rutgers University. He studied composition with Charles Wuorinen and Lukas Foss, theory with Floyd Grave and Richard Chrisman, and History with Floyd Grave, John Daverio, and Joel Sheveloff.

He has worked with notation software for over two decades, including preparing examples for Oxford University Press and works by Charles Wuorinen (for New York City Opera) and John Heiss, and is currently writing a book on music notation.